GBC WireBind - 11 mm - 34 ringer - A4 (210 x 297 mm) - 100 ark - sølv - 250 stk bindestreng
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Binding doesn't get any simpler! If you need permanently bound documents with a top quality, contemporary finish, the high-tech GBC WireBind spine is the ideal binding solution. From prestigious client proposals to annual reports, GBC WireBind will take your presentations to the next level. WireBind enables pages to lie flat and rotate 360 degrees for convenient note taking and photocopying. Documents of up to 125 pages are permanently bound and tamper-proof so you can rest assured that your work will not only look good but will stay totally secure. The 3:1 pitch (34-hole) wire is suitable for all Standard Wire Machines.\n\n- Professional: WireBind is the premium choice for a truly professional document finish.\n- Durable: the tough metal WireBind construction binds documents firmly, ensuring page security and a lasting finish.\n- Precision spacing:  to guard against paper movement when bound.\n- Double-loop wire construction:  minimises flexing for greater binding stability.\n- Flexible: ideal for both square or round 3:1 pitch hole options.\n- Secure: ideal for confidential documents as pages can only be removed by destruction of the wire itself.\n- Full range of sizes and colours available.\n- For wire binding larger documents, please refer to 2:1 Pitch Wires which can bind up to 250 sheets.